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Possum - Tiny to weaning
  • Possum Teats. Available in Latex and Silicone.


    • P1 – Suitable for feeding tiny Possums
    • P2 – Suitable for feeding Possums just furring
    • P3 – Suitable for feeding Possums from just furring to weaning
    • PW – Suitable for feeding either Possums or Wombats

    Price is for each teat.

    Possum - Tiny to weaning

    PriceFrom $1.60
    • Care instructions

      Both Latex and Silicone teats are best washed in hot soapy water.  Please do not boil or microwave them.  To sterilise it is best to use a product such as Milton for soaking them after washing.  Milton must be washed off with pre-boiled water so it is not ingested.

      How to make holes in the teats

      for silicone use a small needle eg 23g and push up though the teat, no need to heat the needle.  You can make a few holes if needed.

      for latex you can use a hot needle or a small pair of sharp scissors to cut a very small hole.  This takes practice so use old teats to practice on.

    • All orders both within Australia and International are sent promptly via Australia Post with tracking numbers.


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