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  • Glass Bottle are perfect for Wildlife care.

    Please note: K1 and K3 Kangaroo Teats are the only teats that fit the 100ml size square plastic bottle.

    All of our teats fit on our glass bottles .

    If you are matching bottles and lids with new orders please remember that there are many lid size options in the market. Please contact us before ordering.


    PriceFrom $2.30
    • All orders both within Australia and International are sent promptly via Australia Post with tracking numbers.

      Please, select 'Express Post' as the shipping method when checking out if an urgent delivery is required.

    • Bottles from different suppliers may have differences in the neck and lid size. Our teats are produced for bottles with standard neck sizes of 18 or 20mm.

      25 ml bottles are being replaced by 20ml size in the near future.

      100 ml bottles will be replaced by 120 ml size with 20mm lids


      Square plastic 100ml bottles have larger neck size and K1 or K3 teats are best suited to these bottles.



      if you have matching or maintenance difficulties with teats and bottles please contact us for solutions

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