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Selling Wildlife feeding teats internationally

This pic is of a baby Ant Eater that was rejected by its Mum and is being raised by Zoo staff in Miami. It's being fed with one of my T-1 teats. I send wildlife feeding teats all over the world and they are used for feeding many different animals including Hedgehogs, Monkeys, Antelopes, Capybara's, Kangaroos, Wallaby's, Possums, Gliders, Bush Rats, Sloths.

Over the years I have received many interesting photos of animals using the teats. This little guy is very cute. Hope he survives.

If unsure about what to buy, then please call me 0498622948 and I can advise which teat suits a particular animal at a particular age and size.

Or you may have other questions about the products on my site.

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