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Testimonial from Brett Clifton


I have used Anne-Marie Dineen’s naturopathic products for several of the orphaned Eastern Grey Kangaroo joeys I have raised over the past four years now, and can attest to the effectiveness of these medicines.

In particular, Anne-Marie’s thrush formula seems to be the only product on the market that effectively treats this common ailment amongst young compromised joeys, but I have also used her formulas for digestion and general gastrointestinal upsets with similar results.

After seeing photos of my now-released joeys on the internet, Lynda Staker commented that “Your animals look absolutely fantastic Brett, this tells me that you and your wife do a marvellous job with the correct nutrition for your joeys.”

It is safe to say that some of those joeys would owe their lives to Anne-Marie as well.

A quick case study: Pino raised in 2007.

Pino came into care in September 2007 at 1.3kg with a break in her left foot (metatarsal) just before the joint to her big toe, which was splinted and bandaged it. Even with this, she was trying to hop around at 1.5kg – a brave little joey. When the splint was removed at 1.7 kg her foot immediately swelled up. After doing an x-ray she was diagnosed with osteomyelitis. Her foot was resplinted and she was put on antibiotics (Baytril) and given a poor prognosis. We also consulted Dr Howard Ralph who prescribed 6-8 weeks of Benacillin as well, as well as “painstop”.

Perhaps inevitably antibiotics gave her diarrhea and thrush. Anne-Marie’s thrush formula had this under control within a week, and we started her transition to 0.7 formula after that. We kept the thrush formula up throughout, albeit at a lower dosage, and her bowels were stable throughout transition.

Six weeks into care, Dr Howard Ralph reset Pino’s foot, which was starting to twist badly. We continued the Benacillin every second day and the Baytril daily for a further 4 weeks, during which time her splint was changed twice. She didn’t contract diarrhea again after that though and we passed her on to her subsequent carers (also the pre-release site) at 4.0 kilos, and I was delighted to welcome her back to our release site 10 months later. She was eventually released with her friends in April 2009.  Here are two recent photos of her, living life to the fullest, post-release.


You can find more pics of her on my website:

Photos of other joeys who benefited from Anne-Marie’s magic are up there as well. Look out for Candi, Paris and Nikki.



Brett Clifton

Testimonial from Lindy Hain



I am so glad I came across Anne-Marie Dineen’s herbal medications (thrush and ecoli) and I would not be out of them.   As any kangaroo or wallaby carer would know, diarrhoea is a common occurrence and it can last quite a number of days or even weeks!   I have found the herbal medicine to be very quick acting. Our 4kg eastern grey kangaroo recently had a bout of Ecoli so I phoned Anne-Marie and was told to use the E-coli herbs that I had on hand.   The medicine took effect after two doses which was just amazing.   I have also since used the herbs on the 2 and a half kilo joey and Annie also recovered very quickly.

Anne-Marie is a qualified naturopath and has been rearing kangaroos and wallabies for over 10 years on her sanctuary so she has a wealth of information to share which I have found so helpful. I can thoroughly recommend Anne-Marie Dineen’s advice and herbs to any macropod carer.

Lindy Hain

Wildlife carer.

Testimonial from Sally Winton


Dear Anne-Marie,

I wanted to let you know that both my Euros’ (Belle and Ellie) are doing well, thanks to you.

Thank you so very much for the advice, guidance and reassurance you gave to me when one of my Euros’ (Belle) contracted the disease thrush.

I had tried other remedies/medications that did nothing to help Belle and after I rang you I felt so much better. There was a light at the end of the tunnel. You had the magic herbal formula that treated the infection.  Although it took five weeks to finally have Belle toileting pellets, it was wonderful.  The poor girl had had the thrush for four weeks before I rang you.  I will not hesitate to contact you again if I have any worries regarding my Euros’.

Thank you so much again for the support you gave to me over those five weeks.

Kind Regards,

Sally Winton

Testimonial from Annemarie O’Connor

I have been a macropod carer for some time now & like all carers, I have had all the sadness along with the delights. As most carers would agree, for animals that thrive so well in nature they can be extremely fragile when we become involved in their lives. Apart from dealing with the usual injuries, the most common problem I have faced has been thrush & diarrhoea. As a vet nurse I have been extremely lucky having a lot of resources  available but I have found the most success I have had, has been with Anne-Marie Dineen’s thrush formula. I have used it on pinkies from 400gms through to fully furred joeys, all with positive results without any nasty side-effects. I am happy to recommend this product to other carers, anything that helps these little ones must be good. When you think about it, it makes sense to try nature first, especially with an animal that is so in tune with nature.

Annemarie O’Connor

Testimonial from Beris Deans


A little boy Red called “Roodi” Mother hit by car near Silverton, far western NSW.  An Aboriginal lady checking the pouch (in the dark) and pulling Mum from the road found the baby boy, fortunately still warm. She brought him to me in Broken Hill, only slightly cold (body warm, extremities cold).  He weighed 650g and drank well.  He was given to another carer Shirley the next day who already had a pinkie and was doing the nightshift anyway!

Roodi went well for quite a few days but developed bad scouring after 7 days.  It was like water and green.  He was put on the Thrush formula for 3 days (5 x 1/2ml formula and 1/2ml water).  He had been on Impact as well since he came in and this was continued.  There was some improvement and he was treated the same for a further 3 days.  At this time the faeces were normal for a pinkie his age and size.  He has continued to gain weight and appears now to be very healthy, weighing 890g.

Thank you so much Anne-Marie for your help


Testimonial from Debbie Fowler


Just prior to Christmas 2007, I got up on the Sunday morning to feed my Eastern Grey joeys and found one 10kg boy very ill in the corner of their yard. He was passing red/brown diarrhoea and was teeth grinding, hunched and crying. I brought him inside and treated him for cocci and gave him baycox, fluids, and antibiotics while I made many phone calls trying to work out what was happening. I finally came across a carer who had a roo with similar symptoms and it was Campylobacter. I sent off a poo sample first thing Monday morning and the diagnosis was Campylobacter, Salmonella and E-Coli. Not a great combination. Texas was getting more and more fragile and the vet had no treatment solutions, still just antibiotics and fluids. I recalled a friend used herbs from Anne-Marie for a joey with E-Coli. Sadly she had waited too long to get them and the joey was too low to be saved, but I had to try. I called Anne-Marie on Tuesday afternoon and discussed Texas with her. She sent me two treatments and a course to follow. I received them by post Thursday morning. I must say by this time I was desperately concerned for Tex as he had lost 3 kilos in weight and was still so ill. I was absolutely amazed with the difference the herbs made to Tex by that evening. He was eating grass, drinking milk, standing up and his pooh had firmed to soft pellets. By the next morning, he was bright and his pellets were firm. I cannot recommend the herbs highly enough and truly believe they are the thing that saved Tex and turned his illness around. Texas is now a beautiful and robust kangaroo who has gone to pre release and is almost a free boy.

Thanks Anne-Marie from the bottom of my heart.

Debbie Fowler
Kotupna Wildlife Shelter
Kotupna, Victoria

Testimonial from Karin Moltenburg


Hi Anne-Marie,

thanks for the lists.

…. and thank you again for all your help with the wallabies. Your herbal treatment for thrush did the trick. I was very worried about the little wallaby. There are few vets in Hobart who know anything about the native wildlife and fewer who are willing to treat them. I did get some antibiotics but as you pointed out this only made things worse.

I would recommend your herbal remedies and I would certainly recommend your service – not just the medicines but also the helpful conversations – it is really comforting just to talk to someone who not only knows a lot about native animals but who obviously cares….. so thank you again


Testimonial from Jill Rowley


Hi Anne-Marie,

Case History – Charlie, Eastern Grey Joey

Charlie is an Eastern Grey Joey that came to me in mid April 2009. He was found on the ground by Park Caretakers. (He had been thrown out of the pouch and his mother would have nothing to do with him)  He only just had fur.  From day one he had diarrhoea (before he was even fed).  He was placed on .6 Wombaroo Formula.   As a result of the smell and bubbles I believed he had thrush.  Initially I tried Nizorol this worked but due to a misunderstanding I did not continue administering for 4 days after he improved.  His conditioned worsened and I took him to the local veterinary clinic.  After consultation it was decided he had E-coli and Thrush.  He was then treated with antibiotics for 10 days.  His condition did not improve.  All avenues of conventional treatment had been exhausted.

I then contacted Anne-Marie.  After consultation with Anne-Marie a decision was made that he had thrush and E-coli.  It was then decided that the best course of action would be to treat him with thrush formula and travellors’ rest.  We also made up “pooh milkshakes” for him.  After approximately 10 days his condition began to improve.  With Anne-Marie’s direction I very slowly weaned him off the medication but continued with the ‘pooh’ in his milk for another two weeks at least.  Charlie is now doing extremely well has gained weight is eating cobias amounts of grass and pellets and is now on .7 formula.

For some reason Charlie has continued to be the weakest link in the group, I currently have 6 inside.  Charlie is continually picked on and jumped on by the others which include the ones younger than him. He has a very gentle nature.   Charlie was sick for approximately 8 weeks I honestly did not think he would survive.  He is still very rough looking in his coat but now weighs 5.1 kg.

Jill Rowley

Testimonial from Jo Bell

Hello Anne-Marie,

A huge thank you for your help getting my little Eastern Grey kangaroo “Ted” healthy again after being so sick from thrush. I can’t believe he is bouncing around the yard with lots of energy after less than a week of your herbal treatments. Amazing !!! I will be telling the other carers I know about the “thrush formula“,and I hope that we will begin to see an end to these little guys passing away from this. I have to be quite sneaky getting the mixture down Ted’s throat now.he knows when he sees the syringe whats coming.

You have taken so much worry away now I know about what you are able to cure and how quickly.


Jo Bell
Glenden Wildlife Carer

Testimonial from Marijke


Scampy, Red Kangaroo  13 kilos

On Wednesday the 28th of March our Red Kangaroo Scampy, showed signs of discomfort, she wasn’t herself, she had her ears down, and she was slow and didn’t want to come to me when I call her, or play with her other mates.

I give her vitamin C and B oral, what normally gives me a great result. But the next morning she still was the same. That night I notice that her poo was runny and green and had a smell to it, (I knew it wasn’t coccidiosis) , it kept running out of her, the poor thing.

I looked it up in my bible (The care of Macropods from Lynda Staker) and it looks like E. Coli Bacterial infection.

Few months ago we ordered medication from Anne-Maree Dineen, for thrush and E.Coli, just in case, because I live remote and it is very hard to get some medication up here.

Luckily Anne- Marie’s phone number was written on the bottles and in the book so I didn’t feel guilty calling her, she was so helpful and caring.

We started off with:

for 2 days:  5ml of thrush formula, 5 ml of water and 2 drops of E.Coli treatment 4x a day

Well the first lot I had to fight that in to her, it taste bad (do not lick your fingers) still runny poo.

2nd lot was half fighting to get that into her and before the next lot was due I didn’t saw any runny poo and her ears were up and she came to me when I called her to give me kisses (and I was smiling)

After day 2 no runny poo and she start liking her mixture, she comes running up and lick the syringe empty.

I give Anne-Marie a call to find out what is next; she was just as happy as I, when I told her.

For the next 2 days: 4ml of Thrush formula, 4 ml of water and 1 drop of E.Coli treatment 3x per day, but sadly by the end of the day she had again runny green poo.

Straight on the phone to Anne-Marie and we changed the medication back to the first treatment: 5ml Thrush formula, 5ml water and 2 drops of E.Coli treatment 4x per day. By the end of the day no more runny poo (I also give 2 lots of Bentonite and one slippery Elm that day).

After the 2nd day back on the phone to Anne-Marie:  the doses is the same only 3x a day for 2 days

Back again on the phone: same doses  only 2x a day

Back again on the phone: same doses just 1x a day

After 5 days no medication her poo is still perfect, IT HAS WORKED!!!!!!!

Anne-Marie Thank you so much to help me to help Scampy, that stuff is a wonder middle, no clue what is in it (I still don’t like it), if it wasn’t for you I don’t know if Scampy still would have been here.

I could see if you don’t treat that disease quickly, you will end up with a very sick kangaroo, which maybe won’t make it to the wild.

Thank you so much

Love Marijke Kap,
Kangaroo Haven

Wallaby fed with Anne Marie's Wildlife Teats

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