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Wildlife in your care can suffer trauma and injuries as well as infection and disease. Our natural Remedies include Ointments, Homeopathic Remedy, Natural Powders and Herbals. The herbal formulas I have developed specifically for the common ailments that affect wildlife in care e.g. thrush, e-coli and associated gut problems.

Carers, please contact me for dose rates for each animal.  All phone or e-mail consults are free to wildlife carers.

As with all my herbals it is a condition of use that you call me every second day for dose rates. These herbals are prescription only and require a qualified practitioner such as myself to advise on their use. Each animal is treated on their individual signs and symptoms.

PLEASE NOTE: Herbals cannot be posted overseas. If you are located in Australia, I will send them via Australia Post EXPRESS. Please, select this option when checking out.