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I'm happy to let everyone know that the 1 and 2ml Glass Syringes are back in stock but numbers are limited. The 5ml syringes are on order and should also be in stock by the end of the week. There is a new bottle brush set for sale which will make cleaning feeding bottles easier. And after a very long wait I have managed to secure a large order of the oval 50ml bottles. I still had about 100 in stock but as they were a very popular item I was worried I would run out. Since Covid began it has been increasingly difficult to source stock but things are gradually improving. I always have plenty of teats for sale in both silicone and latex so please check them out in my shop. Wildlife Teats | Wildlife Supplies | Australia

Here in the Northern Rivers we have had an extremely wet summer which is a welcome change after last years drought and bushfires. Hope everyone is getting rain


WOMBAROO FLYING FOX FORMULA FREE 1.5KG use by date if Jan 2022

This season I ordered Flying-fox formula that I didn't get to use as our group are now feeding cow's milk. So I have about 1.5kg to give away to however contacts me first and is prepared to pay postage costs.

Send me an e-mail to with your postal address and I will post it by express mail. First person to contact me gets the formula.

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