How to Make Silicon Teats

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

What you will need

  • Teat Moulds

  • A wooden board to insert your moulds so they stand upright to dry

  • Silicon. I buy my silicon from Dalchem here is the link to their website

  • Silicon dye if you want to add colour to the teats you make, also available from Dalchem

  • small jewellery scales to weigh out equal parts of part A and part B. I bought mine online

  • small kitchen spatula for scraping out the silicon from drip cups

  • chopstick for mixing silicon

  • small containers such as medicine cups to use a drip cups, you could also use eggcups

My video which shows you how to make silicon teats.

This is the first video I have made so it is not perfect but will show you the steps involved in making the teats. My fantastic neighbour Bart Stenhouse, who is a talented musician filmed the video for me. If you want to listen to some great music then check out his site (

I would love your feedback on this video. I will be posting it on my facebook page @WildlifeRehabSupplies. Feel free to share this video with your fellow wildlife carers.

I hope the video gives you the confidence to have a go at making the silicon teats and I am happy to answer any questions you may have

send me an e-mail at

Making teats has its own challenges

you cannot make latex teats if it is raining or very humid as they do not dry if it is too hot the latex drips off the moulds leaving rivulets the silicone needs to be used when it is cool or it sets too quickly when you order you may end up with some freebies of imperfect teats that did not make the grade.

Stainless Steel Teat Moulds

We relocated from Queensland to #Northern Rivers at the end of May 2017 and our range of teat moulds have been unavailable for sale since then. I apologise once again for the very long delay. The building of our new shed has been completed and the electrician is almost finished wiring it up, so we will soon have power for a metal lathe and can get back into production.

Ordering Teats

If you do not want to make your own teats or are not ready to make them at the moment, then you can order your teats from me in either silicon or latex.

Check out the teats page to see the wide range we have on offer wildlife teats

Orders are sent out promptly and we have many happy customers who are repeat buyers

if you are unsure of what to buy please contact me at and we can discuss your requirements

#makingsiliconeteats #DIY

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