Help - My Joey has diarrhoea

For various reasons animals in care often develop diarrhoea

Its not fun for the animal or the carer

for over 20 years I have been formulating and dispensing Herbal formulas to help with the treatment of diarrhoea in native animals in care

Good hygiene is vitally important

One product that can be helpful in both prevention and treatment of diarrhoea is SB probiotic

This is a product that can be used during antibiotic use

It supports digestive and immune system health

Clinical studies have shown this product to be beneficial for the prevention and treatment of a variety of diarrhoea associated disorders including

Acute diarrhoea

Infectious diarrhoea

Acute gastroenteritis

Antibiotic associated diarrhoea

it is documented to reduce the frequency and duration of diarrhoea and improve stool consistency without causing adverse effects

SB Probiotic helps to maintain healthy diversity of microflora in the gut

No refrigeration required

easy to dose as can be added to milk formula

In stock now

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