Hi everyone

I am very pleased to let you all know that my ex-husband has agreed to resume making teat moulds. So if you are interested in purchasing any you will need to contact him directly

His name is Joe and his e-mail address is

The past few years I have had numerous requests for teat moulds so I am sure this will be very happy news for a lot of carers out there

To choose which teat moulds you want you can use the teats I sell as a guide and let him know which teat mould you require.

Please do not address queries about the moulds to me but go directly to Joe with any questions which I'm sure he will be happy to answer

if you look on my site there is information on where to purchase latex and silicone and tips on making teats. But be warned. Its not as easy as it sounds!

For more information see previous blogs

I always have plenty of stocks of teats in both silicone and latex for sale on my site. Flying-fox pup season is already underway with early pups coming into care. So why not take the opportunity to buy your stocks now so you are ready and organised when your new pup arrives in care. I live in a rural area and post orders 2-3 times a week.

Hoping everyone is coping well in these confusing Covid times with lockdowns and rules changing daily

I'm missing seeing my family and friends, but I'm sure that I'm not alone there. Happy to live where I live in the peaceful rainforest with lots of wildlife around

Wising you all the very best


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