I have moved home and business

I have been very lucky and found myself a lovely home in the forest.

It is located just 9k from Nimbin Village and I have bought a 1/16 share in a 150 acre community property

The move was huge and I when I found myself in my new home surrounded by the 150 packing boxes I was both excited and a little overwhelmed.

My first priority was to take care of the business end of things so the first boxes I unpacked contained my stock and teat making equipment

my work station is set up and I am back in teat making production.

I inherited a female de-sexed rabbit with the house, who is very lovely and we are getting to know one another. She comes and goes around the house and property at will timid at first, she now lets me pick her up for a cuddle.

I had been here only a few days when a neighbour turned up early one morning requesting help for a Redneck Wallaby who had been hit by a car and was lying still alive in the middle of the road. I took a large sheet with me and rolled her over on to it and we moved her off the road and into the back of the car of the young man who had stopped to help, as the person who hit the animal kept on driving. Sadly the Wallaby died before reaching the vet

Since moving to NSW 3 years ago I have done very little active caring. A couple of Flying-fox pups and a pinkie Wallaby was the total along with a few rescues. Then 3 weeks after I moved I had call out for a Pademelon Joey whose Mum had been hit and killed by a car.

And so, little Marigold has joined the household of myself and HunnyBun.

After a fretful first night she has settled in well and is sleeping in her pouch in a soft backpack that I am wearing as I write. She came into care at 265g and is approx 4.5 months old. In the space of just a week she is already growing fine fur. At present she is on 6 feeds a day and steadily gaining weight. I am syringe feeding using a 10ml syringe and a W6 silicone teat.

I feel very grateful for my new home and beginning a new chapter of life

Already I have seedlings growing in punnets which are almost ready to prick out into little pots before planting in the veggie patch. The veggie patch which is fully enclosed will be an ideal place for Miss Marigold to get her exercise while I weed and plant. There is also a well built small aviary on the side veranda which has the potential for housing Flying-foxes or possums.

There are lots of established fruit trees on the property including bananas and nut trees

The pumpkin patch is thriving and I picked a beauty today, just waiting to be turned into a variety of mouth watering dishes. Thai spicy pumpkin and coconut soup, sweet pumpkin pie with shortcrust pastry and coconut cream topping. There are quite a few pumpkin there so I will trade with the neighbours. There is a little stall at the gate where you can leave excess produce to share with the community. I have taken down limes to share and come home with cucumber and choko.


My phone number is 0498622948

e-mail anmacropod@bigpond.com

so why not contact me and stock up on your wildlife supplies!

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