Best hope for Kangaroos in 200 years

There is a massive opportunity to speak up for Kangaroos if you live in NSW

This is the best hope for Kangaroos in 200 years so please be their voice

To do this you can put in a submission for the Macropod Inquiry by following the link below

Wires also have all the information about putting in a submission on their site as does the Animal Justice Party on their website.

Your submission can be as simple as a short letter detailing your experiences in dealing with Kangaroos or you can address the terms of reference

D19 19330 Factsheet - Making a submission.pdf (

Thank you for caring and taking the time to help these precious animals

you can also make a submission if you live outside Australia

Submissions are due by the 26th April so please take a minute that could make a very positive difference in the way these animals are treated

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