Free consultation for Wildlife carers in need of herbal remedies with Anne Marie Wildlife Supplies

Photo Courtesy Kerryn Kent


Before purchasing Natural Remedies

The most popular of the herbal remedies that I supply to wildlife carers are the Thrush, Immune and E-coli herbals, although I can make a herbal remedy for any ailment if requested.  Sometimes I combine the E-Coli, immune and Thrush formulas.  Together they kill a very wide range of pathogens including salmonella and many fungal and bacterial infections affecting our wildlife in care. 

Carers, please contact me for dose rates for each animal.  All phone or e-mail consults are free to wildlife carers.

As with all my herbals it is a condition of use that you call me every second day for dose rates. These herbals are prescription only and require a qualified practitioner such as myself to advise on their use. Each animal is treated on their individual signs and symptoms.

Please note that, unfortunately, Herbals cannot be sent overseas. If you are located in Australia, I will send them via Australia Post EXPRESS. Please, select this option when checking out.


" Dear Anne-Marie,

I wanted to let you know that both my Euros’ (Belle and Ellie) are doing well, thanks to you.

Thank you so very much for the advice, guidance and reassurance you gave to me when one of my Euros’ (Belle) contracted the disease thrush.(...)

Thank you so much again for the support you gave to me over those five weeks."

Sally Winton