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Offering essential supplies for Wildlife Carers

My name is Anne-Marie, I am a registered Naturopath/herbalist and have been a Wildlife carer since the year 2000. I mainly care for Macropods and Flying-foxes. I have also cared for Possums, Bandicoots, Birds and many other species of native animal.

I love Nature and caring for wildlife is what makes me happy in life. Although caring for each animal is different and does not always have a happy ending, it is an act of love and kindness that makes a difference and transforms you for life.

In 2005 I established a Nature Refuge near Kilkivan in SE Qld. For the next eleven years I reared, rehabilitated and released many animals on the property which is protected with a Nature Conservation Agreement with the Qld Government.

In order to help fund the care of the animals, I began my wildlife supplies business.  I offer quality products at affordable prices.

Over the years, I have developed many herbal formulas specifically for the common ailments that affect wildlife in care e.g. thrush, e-coli and associated gut problems. My knowledge of herbal medicine and nutrition, plus my experience with wildlife has enabled me to treat hundreds of animals Australia wide and overseas with great success.

From my Wildlife Carer's experience, I have gained a useful knowledge that I love to share with other passionate people. I have also developed a range of handmade essential products like teats to feed wildlife orphans.

In 2016, I presented a paper at the Australian Widlife Conference in Melbourne on the treatment of gastrointestinal and other common disorders affecting wildlife in care which outlines the treatments I use on wildlife using natural medicine.  Click on the button below if you are interested in finding out more.

Loving Wildlife and getting the best care for them

In 2017, I moved to NSW to run a lime orchard with my husband.  Life had its hardships and I am now living in Blue Knob, near Nimbin, caring for Wildlife and running this business of mine.

I am aware that caring for wildlife can create a huge amount of stress for carers. Thus, on this website, I aim to increase Wildlife Carers' success by:

  • sharing useful information/tips re care for wildlife.

  • offering Natural Remedies to treat specific conditions 

  • selling useful products at an affordable price. 

I am happy to use my knowledge of herbal medicine and nutrition, plus my experience with wildlife in order to help animals whenever possible.

Offering Teats, Bottles, Syringes and Natural Remedies for Wildlife in Care
Wildlife carers increase survival rates with the right products




As a Wildlife Carer myself, I know the routines, challenges and difficulties you may encounter.

Sourcing food and formulas, equipment, pouches... but also treating minor disorders, injuries in a natural way.

I promote what works and wish to offer quality products at an affordable price.

In my blog, I love to share useful Tips about Wildlife, Care & DIY to empower other carers. Don't hesitate to have a look and to contact me if you need more information.

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The Wild State’s primary mission is the conservation of wildlife habitat through acquisition of land in NSW that will be protected forever under conservation covenants.  Nora Shayeb the President makes exquisite bronze sculptures of wildlife.


Linda Dennis is a wildlife carer based in NSW, and has been rescuing wildlife since 2003.


Bat Conservation & Rescue QLD Inc. operates a Rescue Line for bat rescue advice and assistance. The Rescue Line services the Greater Brisbane Area and is staffed by local volunteers, who have been trained in bat rescue, care and rehabilitation.

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Joey Sacks make a variety of Warmers, Pouches, Carry Bags and 3D sacks for the Wildlife in care. Each Joey bag is overlocked and double stitched, providing extra strength and room for the young joey to grow. Colours depending what is available at the time, but they are always made with bright and eye catching colours.


QWRC is the peak representative organisation for the wildlife rehabilitation industry in Queensland and provides a collective voice for its members. Its focus is on ensuring excellent welfare for native animals during and post rehabilitation, to achieve, compliment and advance conservation benefits and outcomes.